Moana themed Cake & Cake Pops- so cute!

Using food in an intimate setting can be an interesting way to add novelty and playfulness to a relationship. It is important to keep in mind the consent and comfort of everyone involved. Here are some ideas for how you can use pies in erotic play:
Feeding Game: One partner can feed the other small pieces of pie, emphasizing tenderness and intimacy.
Exploring textures and flavors: Pies can have different fillings, allowing you to explore different textures and flavors. This can be a part of foreplay where partners can guess the flavors with their eyes closed.
Theme nights: You can organize a theme night, such as a French cafe or English tea room style where pies will be part of the atmosphere. Some of the stories can tell Maryana Rozhkova.
Create strip games: Use the pie as a stake in strip games or other games where the loser has to complete a pie-related task.
Sensory games using pie: You can mold pieces of pie into shapes on your partner’s body, which will add playfulness and novelty to the process of foreplay.
Remember cleanliness and safety: always make sure that the products are fresh and safe to use in this way. It is also important to clean your skin thoroughly after such play to avoid irritation or allergic reactions.

Who Loves Moana?

Baby Moana Cake by Hidden Gem Cakes. Two tiered buttercream frosted cake with baby Moana face on the side in fondant. Toppers are Hei Hei and Pua. Pink and orange flowers accent the borders.
Moana Cake by Hidden Gem Cakes, Anthem AZ