Hidden Gem Cakes will be closing in 2020.

Happy New Year to my treasured friends and clients!
2020 is bringing some big changes to Hidden Gem cakes and to our family. I will be embarking on an exciting new adventure and to do so, I will need to close my doors starting January 12th indefinitely. Don’t fret- I have a friend and colleague who is amazing that I can refer you to if you are in need of sweet treats. Please message me on Facebook, or send me a text and I will give you that information.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me in this business and who helped to make 2019 my most successful year yet. This isn’t goodbye, it’s just see you later.
I will update here when I have a better idea of how active my custom cake making will be in the future.

Again, my sincerest thanks to you all for your past and continued support.

Now booking for October & November

Halloween will be here before you know it and we book up fast on weekends leading up to the spookiest day of the year. Contact Hidden Gem Cakes today to place your order for custom cakes and cupcakes for your Halloween events!

Reminder: We will be living our best lives 9/20-9/25 at Disneyland attending the Halloween party and of course always hunting for delicious inspiration.
Hidden Gem Cakes will be unplugged during this time- all calls, texts, emails etc will be replied to when we return.

Call or text Sarah today for all inquiries 480-395-3593. Like & follow our Facebook page– upcoming holidays mean more specials are around the corner.

Speaking of living your best life – check out this trending fat unicorn cake. She is just the cutest & the sweetest!

Current Schedule

We are now booked through 9/15/19.
We will be closed 9/20-9/25 and out of town. All inquiries will be replied to after 9/25.

Current Schedule & updates

Hidden Gem Cakes is currently booked in full through August 5th 2019.
We will be closed 9/21-9/26 for a brief break, and will be unavailable during that time for cakes as well as inquiries.

We are still booking cakes for pickup or delivery on 9/28 or 9/29. Those orders must be placed & finalized before 9/20 when vacation starts.
September is one of our busiest months of the entire year! If you have an event coming up for the month of September, and need a custom cake, cupcakes or cake pops in Anthem or Phoenix, inquire today. You can place a small retainer fee down for your date and finalize your event details later. Limited space is available.

Follow us on Facebook for the latest updates on schedule! Please send all inquiries to us there or via text message to 480-395-3593

Happy 4th of July!

Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Independence Day. We have been keeping very busy in the kitchen. Here is the current cake schedule:

Booked through 7/12/19
Fully book the last weekend in July and fully booked the first weekend in August.
Late September and early October will have limited availability due to family events and vacation so please do inquire about cakes during those months ASAP!

… call, text or message us on Facebook today to start planning your next custom cake!

Moana themed Cake & Cake Pops- so cute!

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Graduation Season is here …

This is the first of many graduation treats to come in the next few weeks!
Congrats to Tristan on her awesome accomplishment, Master of Social Work degree from ASU.

Forks up Devils!

ASU Graduation Cake

The Unicorn Cake trend continues … which size is best for your next event?

The unicorn trend seems to be picking up steam again with Spring and Summer birthday celebrations that just scream for bright colors, glitter, and gold!
I had two unicorn themed cakes this weekend for different clients in different sizes. This gave me a great opportunity to provide future customers with a side by side visual of my unicorn cakes. Both cakes are 3 layers tall, and end up being about 6 1/2 or more inches high (not counting the horn of course).
Serving sizes listed may vary, but if you use the cutting guide I provide, you will be sure to get the most from your cake.

Need a unicorn cake or other celebration cake this Spring or Summer? Hidden Gem Cakes would love to make your special day even sweeter! Call or text Sarah at 480-395-3593 to get started planning your next incredible edible centerpiece!

Who Loves Moana?

Baby Moana Cake by Hidden Gem Cakes. Two tiered buttercream frosted cake with baby Moana face on the side in fondant. Toppers are Hei Hei and Pua. Pink and orange flowers accent the borders.
Moana Cake by Hidden Gem Cakes, Anthem AZ

Current Schedule

Hidden Gem Cakes is currently booked through March 18th 2019. We will be closed for Spring Break from 3/18-3/22.

We have very limited availability for the remainder of March beyond those dates.

As a reminder, you are not considered booked unless you have received an invoice. Until an invoice has been sent and all details have been finalized, your event date remains open to other clients and could become unavailable.

Please be sure to request a deposit invoice even if your numbers are not yet final but you would like to book your spot in advance. All dates are first come, first serve and we can not hold spots without a deposit.

In addition, unpaid invoices will be cancelled the day after they are due. We are not always able to call or text reminders. There are often clients waiting for a spot, and many last minute customers contact us for cakes. For this reason, invoices are due 10 days prior to your event date and must be paid in full.

Thank you for understanding and for supporting small business.